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A Pit Hack is a hack that is incredibly hard, requiring an inhumane amount of skill. These hacks cannot be completed without extreme slowdown or even frame-advance. Pit hacks are made to push the difficulty of Super Mario World to its limits. These hacks are mostly fun to watch a TAS of, but playing it, however, is a different story. Frame-perfect tricks and pixel-perfect jumps are commonly used in pit hacks.

The name "pit hack" comes from the 'Pit of' series from YouTube user MoltovMarioWorld. The hacks of the series are called: Pit of Despair and Pit of Death. He also created Pit of Shells, but it was canceled.

Examples of Frame-Perfect Tricks

Frame-perfect tricks are common for pit hacks. They require the player to do something at the exact right frame. Some of these tricks are:

  • Wall Jumping
  • Key Jumping
  • Midair Shell Jumps
  • P Switch Jumps
  • Various Glitches

Notable Pit Hacks

vePit Hacks
Super Mario World

Item AbusePit of DeathPit of DespairPit of Keys