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Developer PangeaPanga
Platform Super Nintendo
Release date May 25, 2015
Length 19 Exits
Genre Kaizo
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Super Dram World is a ROM hack of Super Mario World created by PangaeaPanga. The hack is intended to resemble the Kaizo Mario World series in level design and difficulty. The ROM hack was dedicated to dram55, who is best known as being one of the top Kaizo Mario World speedrunners.

A sequel titled Super Dram World 2 was released on July 29, 2017.



Title Screen
Super Dram World v1.2001
Super Dram World v1.2000

World 1

World 1
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Autumn Leaf Field
P-Switch Palace
Super Dram World v1.2017
Jeita Grotto
Super Dram World v1.2023
Super Dram World v1.2029
PangaeaPanga's Crib
Super Dram World v1.2031

World 2

World 2
Super Dram World v1.2003
Jordan River
Super Dram World v1.2005
Bridge of Butter 35
Super Dram World v1.2004
Autoscrollers Suck
Autoscrollers Suck
House of Dram's Cat
Super Dram World v1.2007

World 3

World 3
Super Dram World v1.2002
The Rise and Fall
Image (8)
Dram Switch Palace
Super Dram World v1.2008
Alcyonian Lake
Image (7)
Ultra Star 3.0
Super Dram World v1.2009
Dram's Cat's Castle
Super Dram World v1.2014

Star Road

World 2
Super Dram World v1.2006
Mushroom Madness
Super Dram World v1.2015
Frame-Perfect Land
Image (3)
Too Cool For You!
Image (4)
The Cetacean Mammal
Image (5)
Dram's Butthole
Image (6)

Events Featured

Super Dram World was featured at Awesome Games Done Quick in 2017 being speedrun by both GrandPOOBear & DoDeChehedron.

World Records

Rank Player Time Video
1 GrandPOObear 24m 09s
2 DoDeChehedron 25m 13s
3 PangaeaPanga 28m 10s

Rank Player Time Video
1 GrandPOObear 35m 51s
2 DoDeChehedron 37m 46s

veSuper Dram World
World 1

Level 1 (Autumn Leaf Field)Level 2 (P-Switch Palace)Level 3 (Jeita Grotto)Level 4 (Pyriphlegethon)Level 5 (PangaeaPanga's Crib)

World 2

Level 6 (Jordan River)Level 7 (Bridge of Butter 35)Level 8 (Autoscrollers Suck)Level 9 (House of Dram's Cat)

World 3

Level 10 (The Rise and Fall)Level 11 (Dram Switch Palace)Level 12 (Alcyonian Lake)Level 13 (Ultra Star 3.0)Level 14 (Dram's Cat's Castle)

Star Road

Star Road 1 (Mushroom Madness)Star Road 2 (Frame-Perfect Land)Star Road 3 (Too Cool For You!)Star Road 4 (The Cetacean Mammal)Star Road 5 (Dram's Butthole)